Kradle book cover

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Set in the future, Mevia, Eli and Kilt are three friends who live under the Kradle, an eco-dome that protects the remaining population from the post-nuclear war cloud.

Mevia is a young woman who was champion of The Demonstrations, a gladiator-like contest in which criminals are forced to fight giant, killer robot drones in order to be allowed passage to The Island—but only to find herself taken captive and made into a sex slave.

After escaping, she is more determined than ever to return to the mainland and destroy those who are responsible: the all-powerful GovCorps.

Eli is a world class hacker who becomes a drone programmer for the GovCorps. He is the creator of an advanced program that will help the giant infantry drones beat the powerful Eurasians in the war. However, he is distracted in his search to find The Island and bring Mevia, the love of his life, back to the Kradle.

Kilt is a Farmer who is now using his connections to Eli and Mevia to find and bring home his sickly brother from The Island. In his quest to help his brother, Kilt makes a deal with the Eurasian government—that he will kill Eli. Failing to do so once, he is now being hunted by a skilled Eurasian assassin.

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